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    Animated Dreams film submission is now open
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    Submission deadline extended to September 12, 2016

Film submission for the 18th animation film festival Animated Dreams has been extended to September 12, 2016! The biggest animation festival in the Baltic countries will take place this year on November 16-20. The festival’s programme will consist of an international competition of short and half-length films, special programmes and retrospectives and a programme of full-length animated films.

Regulations can be found at the festival’s new submission platform.

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The Animated Dreams 2016 animation festival will be taking place from 16th to 20th of November 2016 and will comprise:

  • an international competition programme of short and half-length films;
  • a brand new, one-of-a-kind competition programme called SHUT UP!
  • special programmes and retrospectives;
  • a programme of full-length animated films;

Films meeting the festival requirements must:

  • be animated films which are short or half-length (up to 45 minutes);
  • not have premiered before 1 January 2015;
  • have DCP, DVD, BluRay or digital files (.mov or .avi) as their screening format; and
  • have English subtitles if they are not in English.

Submitting films

Applicants for competitive and non competitive programmes are requested to submit the film and supplementary materials at the online submissions page available by clicking here.

The deadline for submission of films is 12th of September, 2016.

Submitters will be informed as to whether their film has been selected for the programme by 1 October 2016. Films cannot be withdrawn from the programme once submitters have officially confirmed their participation.

Entries submitted through postage, e-mail or any other form except the online submission form are not considered eligible for selection.

The director of the festival will appoint an international jury consisting of at least three members. None of the jury members may be involved in the production or distribution of any of the competing films.

Upon the confirmation of the film to the Festival’s Competitive or Non Competitive Sections the applicant agrees to:

• Provide trailer of the film either on DVD, online with the non-expiring link or HD- resolution file
• Deliver materials for localisation (dialogue lists in original language and in English, spotting list, screener), and poster artwork
• Grant the permission to include the screener in the festival’s video library reserved for jury and accredited industry members only (restricted access)
• Materials have to be delivered digitally to anima@poff.ee by stating the English title and the local title of the film in the e-mail subject header. The festival does not accept deliveries in hard drive, USB or any physical format as well as file sharing programs or services (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box etc).

The jury is obliged to issue the following awards:

• Grand Prix for the Best Film;
• Prize for the Best Sound;
• Prize for the Best Abstract/Experimental Animation;
• Up to three Special Mentions

Delivery of materials

All costs related to the shipping of the screener copy (DVD) and publicity materials are paid by the submitter or film representative.
Submitted preview copies may be returned to the submitter or forwarded only at the submitters expense. All packages must be clearly marked with the title of the film, the sender’s / submitters name, return address and telephone and the festival address:

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival
Attn: Animated Dreams

Telliskivi 60A, 3rd floor
Tallinn 10412, Estonia

Costs related to the shipping of the screening copies to the festival are paid by the festival, unless otherwise agreed upon. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the submitter or film representative or a party appointed by them.

The festival will return or forward the screening copies within 14 days after the end of the festival unless instructed otherwise by the submitter or film representative.

The cost of delivery of review copies of films (DVDs) and related materials shall be borne by those submitting them. Likewise, the cost of returning or forwarding them shall be borne by those submitting them.

The festival shall bear all costs related to the storage and insurance of screening copies while they are in Estonia.

Technical requirements

To ensure the highest quality of the presentation of confirmed films, all screening copies must be in high quality Blu Ray, DCP or technically inspected film format with appropriate quality and soundtrack, and English subtitles. Damaged or dubbed copies, non compatible DCPs, files on broken hard drives as well as consumer formats are refused.

The festival reserves the right to demand screening copies of competition films free of charge including alternative keys to DCP copies or new DCP packages if quality standards are not being met. These include missing subtitles or wrong soundtracks. Thus, the festival has the right to refuse and withdraw the screening of the film in the competitions if above-mentioned guidelines are not being strictly followed.

DCPs have to be provided either as Interop with subtitles burned in or STMP with subtitle tracks with clearly stated DCP format, aspect ratio, subtitle and soundtrack information marked on the casing and drive (or accompanying tech sheet).


Film Delegations

The festival may invite members of the crew of any film in any section providing the travel, accommodation and/or festival accreditation.

Animated Dreams is the oldest and biggest festival of animated films in Estonia. In addition to showcasing the work of Estonian directors, it is designed to promote and popularize animation culture from around the globe.

The festival comprises a competition programme of animated shorts, a programme of full-length animated films and a range of special programmes. The competition programme is judged by a three-member international jury. Over the years this jury has included renowned directors, producers, historians and curators working in the field of animation.

The Grand Prix presented to the winner is the NAIL of Heino Pars, named after one of the most influential Estonian puppeteers and film directors.

Animated Dreams has found its home in a number of Tallinn’s cinemas over the years, but it now has two main bases: Kino Sõprus and Kino Artis. Several films from the festival are also shown in other towns and cities in Estonia as part of the Black Nights Film Festival (BNFF).


A unique festival, Animated Dreams was launched in 1999 and has gone on to become one of the most respected and competitive animation festivals in the world.

During the first two years of BNFF, animated films were presented as something of a ‘warm-up act’ to the feature films that followed them. These programmes were put together with the help of well-known Swiss animation specialist Otto Alder.

The year 2001 saw a marked change in approach: in parallel with the 70th anniversary of Estonian animation, the first ever competition programme for animated shorts was launched and an international jury was introduced. The organizer of the festival at the time was Heilika Pikkov. Over the years the festival team has often been assisted in putting programmes together by Estonian animation directors and studios.

Since its inception, the festival has generated a broad range of contacts with other festivals, studios and cultural institutions. Since 2005, Animated Dreams has been a member of the Nordic and Baltic animation festival network ANOBA, of which it was also one of the founding members.

In 2007, the festival helped to organize an international puppet-film themed colloquium entitled ‘The Soul of Voodoo’ to mark the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Nukufilm studio. The event attracted more people working in the field of animation all over the world to the Estonian capital than ever before.

In 2011, Animated Dreams made yet another major advance with the launch of AnimaCampus Tallinn, an international networking and training event for young animated film professionals. This creative coming together took place over five days alongside the festival itself and gave the participants the chance to learn from leading lights in the field and to join a network of international contacts.

From 2014 to 2015 the festival was run by Mari-Liis Rebane. Since 2016 the festival’s creative director is animation artist and director Olga Pärn.