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    Animated Dreams 2013 winners announced
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    Contemporary animation special screening: Futuroscope
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    Animated Dreams 15 @ Industry Days
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    Kaboom! Focus on Canada

The 15th Animated Dreams film festival

Animated Dreams, the oldest and largest animated film festival in Estonia, aims to promote international animation culture alongside works by Estonian animators and animated film directors.

The one of a kind festival started back in 1999 and is now a contender on the world’s major festival circuit.

This year’s instalment, an anniversary year, is a good time to look at the festival’s past, cast a glance on the present and try to think about the festival’s future.

During these years, Animated Dreams has shown films by both Estonian and world players. We have enjoyed the company of many world-famous visitors, such as Peter Lord. Many great folks have helped to organize the festival, with Heilika Pikkov and Mark Kuslapuu having made the longest-term commitment. This year’s festival team thanks all of the past organizers.

The two major focuses of this festival are Estonian and Canadian animation. The anniversary festival features a special programme on Canada, which will feature the cream of the crop of the year in film in that country, plus a special programme on Canadian animator Malcon Suderland. We will be showing Estonian animation in several different programmes: new Estonian animations and a retrospective of the greatest Estonian hits from Animated Dreams. A Best of AD DVD will also be released.

This year, Animated Dreams is being held at a slightly different time – previously the festival preceded the Black Nights Film Festival, but this year it will run concurrently from 27 November to 1 December 2013 and the closing ceremony will take place along with Black Nights in the Nokia Concert Hall.

We wish all of our followers and fans, and newcomers a great Animated Dreams festival!