Animated Dreams

Pimedate Ööde Filmifestival

EKA Student Films I

19/11/2016 13:30, Mustamäe Apollo 6
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The films from the EKA animation department clearly stand apart from the production of other animation schools around the world. They are characterized by a great attention to narrative, often no dialogue or narration is used, they do not have moral messaging and they usually have a certain surreal flavor to them. The EKA Animation Department’s films have won a large number of awards in important international festivals.In 10 years, the EKA Animation Department has sprouted a number of young filmmakers, who dynamically shape the face of contemporary Estonian animation and get noticed internationally as well. The best known of them are Kristjan Holm, Martinus Daane Klemet, Anu-Laura Tuttelberg, Edmunds Jansons, Michael Frei.

Light my fireLIGHT MY FIRE
Estonia 2007, 3’
Dir: Martinus Daane Klemet
Prod: Estonian Academy of Arts

Breakdown in six parts.

Small houseSMALL HOUSE
Estonia 2008, 6’
Dir: Kristjan Holm
Prod: Estonian Academy of Arts

Story about human erring.

International Father's DayINTERNATIONAL FATHER’S DAY
Estonia 2014, 5’
Dir: Edmunds Jansons
Prod: Estonian Academy of Arts

For people Father’s Day is a celebration, but for one small bird – an ordinary working day. And concerns are the same old – to get food for his family.

Not about us NOT ABOUT US
Estonia 2011, 4’
Dir: Michel Frei
Prod: Estonian Academy of Arts

A touching entanglement in black and white.

All work and no playALL WORK AND NO PLAY
Estonia 2011, 5’
Dir: Mikk Mägi
Prod: Estonian Academy of Arts

All work and no play makes your little orange pet thing go crazy and sends you into a really strange rabbit chasing game trip …

Rise and fall of WCRISE AND FALL OF WC
Estonia 2011, 5’40”
Dir: Martinus Daane Klemet
Prod: Estonian Academy of Arts

Children are going to visit grandmother, who lives near the sea. Two stag-beetles are having a romantic dinner. Both couples are in trouble until their ways intersect.

Fok nabo distorioFOK NABO DISTORIO
Estonia 2014, 7’04”
Dir: Francesko Rosso
Prod: Estonian Academy of Arts

Experimental film about light and shapes.

Estonia 2014, 3’05”
Dir: Zane Oborenko
Prod: Estonian Academy of Arts

A near-sighted girl is in a hurry. Her near-sightedness makes it difficult for her to function.

Chicks on the highwayCHICKS ON THE HIGHWAY
Estonia 2012, 5’03”
Dir: Helen Unt
Prod: Estonian Academy of Arts

Two travelling women stop for a toilet break, but their car rolls off the road. A hero notices and goes to their aid.

Back to Eden BACK TO EDEN
Estonia 2009, 4’
Dir: Sondra Lampmann
Prod: Estonian Academy of Arts

The animator revisits her childhood drawings.

Breakfast on the grassBREAKFAST ON THE GRASS
Estonia 2011, 4’30”
Dir: Erik Alunurm, Mihkel Reha, Mari Pakkas, Mariliis Rebane
Prod: Estonian Academy of Arts

It takes 99% hard work and 1% talent to create a masterpiece!

Les nuits magiquesLES NUITS MAGIQUES
Estonia 2015, 7’44”
Dir: Mihkel Reha
Prod: Estonian Academy of Arts

A night of drinking and partying from an intimate perspective.

Packed like sardinesPACKED LIKE SARDINES
Estonia 2010, 3’09”
Dir: Stella Salumaa
Prod: Estonian Academy of Arts

Sometimes life is like packed sardines – it is so narrow to be that you just can’t exist. You can try to escape from that situation or try to hide yourself. There is more air to breathe in your own mind world than in real world. This is how thinks the protagonist of this film, who hides himself into the mass of the other people, where no-one can see him and where it is possible for him to be in peace.

Fly millFLY MILL
Estonia 2012, 7’18”
Dir: Anu-Laura Tuttelberg
Prod: Estonian Academy of Arts

The protagonist is a Miller living in a watermill. He bakes daily bread and raises ducklings whom he wishes one day to set free. But on the field next to his home, hunters go to shoot birds.