Animated Dreams

Pimedate Ööde Filmifestival



Deadline: September 10, 2017

Animated Dreams 2017 Submission guidelines

1.1 Juries
1.2 Film submission entry procedures
1.3 Confirmation of films and reimbursement
1.4 Technical requirements
1.5 Delivery of materials
1.6 Film Delegations

Animated Dreams presents films in the following programmes:

• International competition of short-length animated films
• Student film competition
• Non-competitive programmes, retrospectives and special presentations

Films eligible for the programmes are short-length (up to 30 min) animated films that have premiered after January 1st, 2016. Films produced in Estonia or Estonian co-productions, which have premiered previously in Estonia, are also eligible. The festival reserves the right to evaluate the eligibility of films for competition on a case by case basis.

The applicable screening copies are in English or with English subtitles, in the DCP format or HD QuickTime files without compression.


• Grand Prix for the Best Film
• Up to three (3) Special Mentions
• Best Student Film Award
• Student Film Special Mention

1.1 Juries

The Artistic Director of the Festival appoints the International Jury consisting at least three (3) members. No jury member can be involved in the production or promotion of any of the films in the competition.

1.2 Film submission entry procedures

Applicants for the competitive and non-competitive programs are requested to submit films and supplementary materials at the online submissions pages available at Eventival.

Entries submitted through postage, e-mail or any other form except the online submission form are not considered eligible for selection.

The deadline for submissions for competitive and non-competitive programs is September 10, 2017. The festival reserves the right to refuse late submissions.

By submitting a film to the festival, the applicant agrees by the submissions deadline to:

• fill and submit the entry form via the festival’s online submission form;
• provide a screening link with a password via the online submissions page or via e-mail;
• deliver additional materials (biography and filmography of Director, stills of the film, synopsis of the film, trailer and poster art-work if already available) by means specified by the festival;
• acknowledge that “selected status” in the online submission form (Visitor Page) does not guarantee confirmation of the submitted film to the festival programming due to fee, print, rights availability issues at Estonian territory or any other factor.

Upon the confirmation of the film to the Festival’s Competitive or Non Competitive Sections the applicant agrees to:

• provide a trailer of the film online with the non-expiring link or a HD-resolution file;
• deliver materials for localisation (dialogue lists in original language and in English, spotting list, screener), and poster artwork;
• grant the permission to include the screener in the festivals video library reserved for jury and accredited industry members only (restricted access);
• Materials have to be delivered digitally to by stating the the English title and the local title of the film in the e-mail subject header.

The festival does not accept deliveries on hard drive, USB or any physical format, as well as file sharing programs or services (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box etc).

1.3 Confirmation of films and reimbursement

Upon the confirmation of the film, the Festival will inform the applicant no later than October 15, 2017.

The applicant agrees that confirmed titles may not be withdrawn from the festival programme after its participation has been officially confirmed and the producer or producer’s authorised representative has verified the confirmation of the film to the programme.

If, for exceptional reasons, the film has to be withdrawn three weeks or less before the opening of the festival, the applicant agrees to reimburse all costs of the festival related to confirmation and programming of the film including screening fee (when applicable), print delivery and handling costs, associated travel costs for the film delegation.

The invoices for the film rights or print loans should be issued and delivered for payments no later than two months after the end of the festival. The festival does not accept or reimburse invoices issued after that date.

1.4 Technical requirements

To ensure the highest quality of the presentation of confirmed films, all screening copies must be at least in high quality High Definition video (minimum 1920x1080px) with low compression or DCP and in English language or with English subtitles. Damaged or dubbed copies, non compatible DCPs, files on broken hard drives and Blu-rays discs are refused.

Since all the films will screened from a DCP format, all following requirements must be met!

Requirements for files:

Container: MOV or MP4
File format: H264, Prores, DNxHD
Framerate: 24 or 25fps;
Field order: None/Progressive;
Pixel Aspect Ratio: Square
SOUND: Stereo, 5.1 (7.1 sound might be played as 5.1)
Samplerate: 48kHz
Bitrate: 16 or 24bit
Films with 5.1 or 7.1 sound, must have clearly marked separate mono track files per each audio channel or multi-channel file with audio mapping: Left, Right, Center, Lfe, Left Surround, Right Surround (L,R,C,LFE,Ls;Rs).

Subtitles: Hardcoded (if needed)
If hardcoded subtitles are present, they must be on the active picture area! That means on the picture area, not on the letter box area (if present).

Requirements for DCP’s:

DCPs have to be provided either as Interop or SMPTE with subtitle tracks with clearly stated DCP format, aspect ratio, subtitle and soundtrack information marked on the casing and drive (or accompanying tech sheet).

PÖFF supports 2K and 4K content in all screens. However, not all screens have a 4K projector. PÖFF cannot guarantee that a 4K film will be screened in a 4K resolution.
All screens support both Flat and Scope content (Full Container content is not preferrable)
PÖFF requires all DCPs to be in XYZ colorspace encoded in JPEG2000.
Countdown / start leaders are not to be included.
Surround content should be submitted in 6 discrete channels in the DCP.
Hard drives for DCP’s are required to be formatted in EXT2 or EXT3.

The filmmaker or film representative has to provide appropriate KDMs for original language soundtrack and English subtitle tracks at least 72 hours prior to screenings. If the festival is provided with broken or wrongly assigned KDMs, appropriate new KDMs must be provided free of charge by the film submitter or representative for the minimum of competition entries.

The festival has the right to demand new copies as well as KDMs free of charge for damaged and non working DCP packages. If above mentioned terms are not met, the festival has the right to refuse or withdraw the films from competitions and / or programme.

For all films:

The festival reserves the right to demand screening copies of competition films free of charge including alternative keys to DCP copies or new DCP packages if quality standards are not being met. These include missing subtitles or wrong soundtracks. Thus, the festival has the right to refuse and withdraw the screening of the film in the competitions if above-mentioned guidelines are not being followed.

Film representative is liable to add any relevant info that has any effect to the film screening!

1.5 Delivery of materials

All costs related to the shipping of the screener copy and publicity materials are paid by the submitter or film representative.

Submitted preview copies may be returned to the submitter or forwarded only at the submitters expense. All packages must be clearly marked with the title of the film, the sender’s / submitters name, return address and telephone and the festival address:

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival Attn: Animated Dreams
Telliskivi 60A, 3rd floor
Tallinn 10412, Estonia

Costs related to the shipping of the screening copies to the festival are paid by the festival, unless otherwise agreed upon. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the submitter or film representative or a party appointed by them.

The festival will return or forward the screening copies within 14 days after the end of the festival unless instructed otherwise by the submitter or film representative.

The festival covers all expenses connected to the storage and insurance of the screening copies during the duration of the festival.

Digitally sent copies

Festival also accepts digital copies of screening files/DCP’s. Digital copies may be uploaded to the festival own platform or sent from distributors platforms (except Dropbox).

Please note that festival DOES NOT ACCEPT Dropbox links for screening copies downloads!

1.6 Film Delegations

The Festival may invite 1-2 members of the crew of the International Competition film providing three (3) nights of accommodation and festival accreditation. The 19th Animated Dreams takes place 22-26 November in Tallinn, Estonia.